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  Hose and Tubing Clamps - A Guide for Selection and Use
Hose Clamp Placement

Clamp placement for single barb fittings
Clamp positioning in the recess behind the barb allows the tubing to compress
the barb and resulting in a secure seal without the need for excessive clamp pressure.

Single Barb
(Eldon James Fitting)

Clamp placement on a multiple barb fitting
The clamp cannot seat behind the barb - it can only rest on top of the barb. In general,more
pressure is required to secure a seal than is necessary when using a single barb fitting.

Multiple Barb Fitting
Before placing large orders - it is recommended that samples be requested to determine proper clamp size.
    Oetiker Stepless Ear Clamps - are made from corrosion resistant stainless steel. The
  clamps are
easy to install using an inexpensive clamp pincer tool.
   Size Info.

  Push the fitting into the hose and measure the outside diameter of the hose with
  the fitting in place.   In general, this measurement should represent the midpoint
  of the clamp range specification. 

  Oetiker Ear Clamps are moderately priced and provide a connection that is clean
  in appearance with minimal protrusion. Used extensively in the automotive industry.
    Ear geometry of a stepless ear clamp - The clamp is considered properly closed when
  the ear width has been reduced by 40% as shown at left.
    Handy Clamps - provide a quick clamping solution without the need for specialized tools.
Choose a size that allows at least 3 teeth to engage before clamping pressure is applied.

  Lightweight and economical Handy Clamps are made from non toxic plastic and can be
  unclipped and reused.
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    Worm Drive Screw Clamps from Oetiker and Ideal - Tightening is accomplished with
  a screwdriver or small hex wrench.
   Size Info.
  Screw clamps can apply the additional pressure needed when using multiple
  barb fittings (see above). They are commonly used in irrigation, agricultural, and
  sprinkler system applications - easily removed for repairs.

  Rust resistant screw clamps are ideal for use in the field, because a
few sizes
  will accommodate a wide range of tubing diameters
    BarbLocK Clamps - apply 360° radial compression to the tubing and produce a
  connection that is clean and has no sharp protrusions. Once installed, the connection is   extremely difficult to pull apart. BarbLocks require a   special tool for installation and are   suitable for use with single barb fittings only.
  BarbLocks are commonly used in medical, bioscience and other specialized
   Size Info  

  Cable Ties - can be used on small size fittings where a clamp might be too large.
  They should not be used with high pressure or in applications using chemicals or
  or toxic substances because they do not provide the security of a clamp.

  Cable Ties are inexpensive and install without the use of specialized tools

Additional Oetiker Clamp Styles - available by special order
stainless medical clamp
constant tension clamp
Miniature & Medical Clamps
Constant Tension Clamp
2-Ear Clamp
1-Ear Clamp
Updated 4/2007